Whether interested in your first website, redoing an existing site, or simply adding an extension to your present site... an online solution awaits you.

Please consider the importance of the following statement: “it’s not always what you say, but how you say it.” In today’s marketplace, the medium is often as important as the message itself. Your need for an intuitive Internet marketing strategy, as well as affordable interactive design and development services, is greater than ever.

Upon further investigation, you will quickly realize that every business or organization has a need for “subsites” that work in conjunction with their website. In your effort to deliver more specific messages, in more creative ways, to narrowly defined audiences... you just might find a way to meet your needs at this studio.


You need a group of marketing, design, and production professionals who use the latest digital technologies to create, distribute, and maintain online communication tools.

Interactive design projects should always begin with marketing professionals who follow a marketing plan, define several guiding principles, and then create a visual identity that can be easily maintained within each phase of the project.


You need creative writing coupled with visual excellence. Different design and production skill sets are needed in any given marketing situation. A unique ability to utilize a vast array of skills has proven successful in past creative endeavors.

A creative team having worked in both business-to-business and business-to-consumer arenas, that has taken thousands of projects from conceptualization to various forms of digital completion will better meet your creative needs.


You need a product line-up that delivers a consistent message, both visually and textually, across an array of online marketing and communication tools. The following products working in unison are the most economical and powerful way to communicate with prospects, customers, and employees alike.

Websites – A location on the World Wide Web. Websites are owned and managed by an individual, company, or organization.

Subsites – Browser-based pages or sections within any website that work in conjunction with existing websites to deliver more specific messages, in more creative ways, to narrowly defined audiences.

Intranets – A network (or subsite) belonging to an organization, usually a corporation, accessible only by the organization’s members, employees, or others with authorization.

eMailers – Also known as e-mail blasts, broadcast e-mail, electronic marketing, and drip marketing, direct e-mail marketing is affordable and delivers great results!


You need accessible and stable technology. It is essential that your team be able to assign passwords, perform beta-testing services, provide daily archives, get immediate feedback, control fixed-costs, and more.

A partner able to work in conjunction with, yet independently from, your existing web design team (or IT department) is vital to success in business today.


You need more time. Timing is perhaps the most critical factor in market penetration, meeting deadlines, and maintaining a budget.

A company with the ability to control the process from start-to-finish will work faster, respond quicker, and ultimately protect your valuable time.


You need to see results. Going back to your marketing roots will allow you to stay focused on the task at hand. In the end, it’s all about achieving desired outcomes... one at a time.

Your Internet presence must be designed and developed from a “results oriented” business point of view. It’s paramount that all aspects remain in alignment with the guiding principles that determine “not only what you say, but how you say it”.


We will help you transform your marketing and communication needs into a clearly defined message (or series of messages).

Created in the spring of 2000, subsites.com (a service of Lundborg Design Group) was established to provide a collaborative design and production resource. We design and develop communication tools like direct eMail campaigns and eBooks, online newsletters and press release archives, as well as simple static websites and complex network websites.

Our goal is to create more affordable ways for you to “tell your story” to the right people. We believe browser-based (often database-driven) marketing and communication tools are the best way for you to accomplish this task.

Our services will generate more sales and increased profits, at lower costs, for your business.


We begin each interactive design project as marketing professionals. We work with you to develop new and innovative ways of thinking. Our system will help you plan your marketing strategy, set goals, as well as find new ways to reach your audience.

Following a carefully constructed marketing plan, we define several guiding principles used to generate both text and graphics making up the message that will be carried-out in each phase of your marketing campaign.


Conceptual & Strategic Planning – We help you determine the “who, what, where, why, and how” approach to sales. Our first mission is to help you plan your marketing strategy, set goals, as well as find new ways to reach your audience.

Copywriting & Graphic Design – When your strategic plan has been developed, we continue by writing and designing the most affordable and effective online tools to help you reach your goals and increase sales.

Internet Planning & Production – We are capable of converting your data into PDF, HTML5, XML, PHP, ASP, JavaScript, ActionScript, and other common languages for use on the Internet. As an added service, we are able to construct an individual and personal communication network (intranet and extranet) for your business.

New Media Planning & Production – Converting your concepts, words, and graphics into PDF files, DVD, QuickTime and broadcast video, animated movies, podcasts, social media posts, as well as other up-and-coming forms of new media is extremely cost effective at this point. We simply take the digital data we have already created and translate it into one or more of these other new mediums to round out your multi-faceted sales attack.


Our team consists of sales and marketing strategists, marketing consultants, copywriters, information architects, graphic designers, motion graphics specialists, programmers, as well as production and operations managers.

When additional services like technical writing and illustration, studio photography, printing, media planning and placement are needed, we often add team members on a contract basis.