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We build all sorts of websites… in a variety of different ways. Over the years, we have learned to embrace the many ways to approach website design and development. Many hand-draw layouts and then we create graphics and generate codes based on their specifications. Others provide us with a flow chart and let us “take it from there”. While all websites are written in HTML, not all are dynamic… or database-driven.

For more information on how you might go about launching a new website, we would like the opportunity to offer you some suggestions based on years of experience! Give us a call and we will gladly listen to your needs and do our best to provide a timely and cost-effective solution.


Designers have gotten used to supplying rough mockups as blueprints for web developers. Responsive layouts require a different approach.

A designer’s role is no longer to produce a mockup and then pass it off to the developer because responsive design is not just a two-step process. Rather, it’s a series of revisions; most of which are made in the browser. Because the new process is more than two separate tasks, a collaborative effort between the designer and developer is more important than ever!

Contact us and we’ll explain some of our techniques and offer an efficient workflow to make the transition from designing static websites (and subsites) to designing responsive ones much easier.

Newscaster was designed to provide an off-the-shelf, self-administered news resource. This powerful, database-driven tool is ready for you to easily publish news from any computer connected to the Internet. Your news is posted to the web and then archived. Click here for more information.

Please consider the importance of the following statement: “it’s not always what you say, but how you say it.” In today’s marketplace, the medium is often as important as the message itself. Your need for an intuitive Internet marketing strategy, as well as affordable interactive design and development services, is greater than ever.

Upon further investigation, you will quickly realize that every business or organization has a need for “subsites” that work in conjunction with their website. In your effort to deliver more specific messages, in more creative ways, to narrowly defined audiences… you just might find a way to meet your needs at this studio.

Direct e-mail marketing is based on traditional direct mail marketing principles. Primarily, a specific message is sent to a target market in an effort to educate and evoke a positive response. Click here for more information about why direct eMailers are much more affordable and effective.